Boulder County Court

Nancy W. Salomone Boulder County District Court 20th Judicial District Judge

20th Judicial District Judge Nancy W. Salomone Forces Private Voir Dire For ‘Enemy Of The Court’.

Compelled by Summons to appear for Jury Duty on November 13, 2018, Longmont, CO homeowner and perceived ‘Enemy of the Court’, Craig Buckley, is subjected to private interrogation by 20th Judicial District Judge Nancy W….

20th Judicial District Colorado - Boulder County Court Judge David Archuleta rules repeated death threats against, "Enemy of the Court" are legal.

Judge David Archuleta Boulder County Court – Vote “NO” On Retention November 6, 2018. Here’s Why.

Boulder County Voters – Vote “NO” On Retention of Judge David Archuleta – November 6, 2018. Commentary:  When you are deemed, “an Enemy of the Court,”  life changes immeasurably… and forever. Colorado authorities,  humiliated and enraged…