20th Judicial District - Colorado Judicial Branch - Boulder County District Court Judge Andrew Hartman declares First Degree Perjury, "Not Material".

Judge Andrew Hartman: Boulder Judge Rules Felony Perjury & Obstruction, “Not Material” In ‘Retaliation’ Trial.

Boulder County District Court Judge Andrew Hartman  presided over Longmont, Co homeowner Craig Buckley’s ‘sham’  Retaliation Against a Judge trial. In proceedings rife with perjured testimony, according to the transcript vs. the actual record of…

Stan Garnett - Former Boulder County Colorado District Attorney, and Known Felon Conceals Crime by Corrupt Judge - Attacks Victim.

Boulder County Corruption.com Inaugural Post.

BoulderCountyCorruption.com  joins its sister-sites, Weld County Corruption, and The Hartmann Conspiracy, in focusing on the  illegal activities of Boulder County Colorado government actors, such as former Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett, and agencies linked to…