Attorney Daniel T. Goodwin – A New Website, A New Bio… Same Old Felonious Scumbag!

Daniel T. Goodwin: Known Felon - The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin 10901 W 120th Ave #350, Broomfield, CO 80021 (303) 763-1600
Daniel T. Goodwin: Known Felon - The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin 10901 W 120th Ave #350, Broomfield, CO 80021 (303) 763-1600
Daniel T. Goodwin: Broomfield, CO attorney & Known Felon swears to Court and CDLE that neither have jurisdiction, because the matter is before the other.

Daniel T. Goodwin: Broomfield, CO attorney & Known Felon swears to Court and CDLE that neither have jurisdiction, because the matter is before the other!

Daniel T. Goodwin, Broomfield, CO Attorney & Known Felon Retools Website In Futile Attempt Avert Negative Publicity!

Daniel T. Goodwin, the ancient and staggeringly disreputable Broomfield, CO attorney who has been under considerable scrutiny by this, and our affiliate websites,  has recently contracted with a new web development firm to implement significant design changes and search engine ranking strategies to the https://www.danieltgoodwin.com/ website.

Gone is the dated and kludgy mid-2000’s loading screen and poor user experience, having been replaced by a streamlined, fast loading interface driven by an Amazon Cloudfront content delivery network, and backed by Google analytics to provide search engine optimization. Daniel T. Goodwin had previously gone to great lengths to remove negative reviews from such websites as Avvo, Martindale, Yelp, and others, as detailed HERE, and HERE.  This, evidently, is the next step.  It all sounds staggeringly expensive, but to what end?

Motivated by nothing other than his lust for personal financial gain, Daniel T. Goodwin has been at the forefront of a decade-long attack against Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley: an attack which would implicate Goodwin in concealment, aiding, abetting, and outright commission of multiple felonies, in addition to numerous other disbarable criminal acts.

Craig Buckley, whom had worked as a CNC Programmer for Longmont, CO based countertop fabrication company, Dream Stone, Inc., had finally had enough of what the Colorado Industrial Claims Appeals Office referred to as, “an abusive environment” and walked out after 2 1/2 years of employment. Numerous others had left during the same period in 2008-2009 as Dream Stone, Inc. fell into decline during the recession, and the owners’ behavior became increasingly erratic and hostile. Three general managers, the comptroller, two saw operators, a vice president, the lead templater, as well as numerous fabrication shop employees left without incident. Buckley, however, was an ENEMY: and enemy whom, according to a recorded conversation with (then) Dream Stone V.P. Todd Coday, secretary/treasurer Ida E. Murphy vowed to destroy. Mrs. Murphy a was co-owner of now-defunct Dream Stone, Inc., along with husband (V.P.) Ron Murphy, and son (C.E.O.) Scott Murphy.

But why the hatred against Buckley by the Murphys?

According to the official Division of Labor report, Dream Stone, Inc. CEO Scott Murphy had reportedly said, “Fuck You” when Buckley had requested his accrued wages and web design fees on termination of employment. The offending statement by the company CEO has never been disputed or denied.  Buckley immediately reported Dream Stone, Inc. to OSHA, which then reportedly fined Dream Stone, Inc. for numerous “serious” health and safety violations. The Murphys threatened to kill Buckley’s dog if he continued to report the company to government officials, according to an official Longmont Police report. Subsequently, Buckley threatened to expose a horrible, disgusting, and twisted family secret, alleged to have been divulged to Buckley and other employees by the (redacted) of (redacted) and (redacted). This was now WAR, and Daniel T. Goodwin, then of the law firm of Donelson, Ciancio, & Goodwin, P.C. was retained to effect Buckley’s ultimate decimation.

Daniel T. Goodwin’s new website bio quotes him as follows:

“I got into law because of my passion for justice and doing what’s right to help others. It’s what keeps me coming to work over 40 years later.”

Lovely words, all. But JUST words. Meet the REAL Daniel T. Goodwin.

After Buckley was threatened with the killing of his dog, Buckley fired off an angry email to Dream Stone, Inc. owners, the contents of which asserted that Buckley knew EXACTLY, in gruesome and horrifying detail, what was alleged by (redacted) to have been done to (redacted) by (redacted) as a child.

Daniel T. Goodwin took this private, non-published email, manufactured (read: perjury & fraud)  it into libel, and managed to bilk Buckley’s homeowners’ insurance carrier out of $20,000.00 to settle a civil lawsuit brought by the parties whom had refused to pay Buckley wages due, and had threatened to kill his dog.

At (then) $350.00 per hr., Daniel T. Goodwin was hired to defend, tooth and nail, against Buckley’s Unemployment Compensation Claim, despite the evidence, and numerous recorded interviews with former employees describing the horrendous working conditions and constant verbal and psychological abuse rampant in the workplace. Buckley ultimately prevailed, but, according to former Dream Stone, Inc. V.P. Todd Coday, that merely emboldened the employers’ resolve to destroy Buckley’s life at any cost.

And what of the wages due upon termination of employment? Enter Known Felon Daniel T. Goodwin again!

Buckley was owed 40 hours of accrued vacation pay, and approximately $1200.00 for web design fees: plus penalties and interest. Buckley filed a lawsuit in the Weld County District Court seeking, among other secondary causes of action, those wages.  Some months later, Buckley filed a complaint with the Colorado Division of Labor, seeking an investigation solely to enforce criminal charges and fines against the employers.

This is where Daniel T. Goodwin gets cute: first, Goodwin swears that Buckley has been paid for web design fees due, yet is unable to produce a check stub, or any evidence corroborating his fraudulent allegation. Next, he claims Buckley is not entitled to an award of accrued wages, because he had not worked for the company for a full year. In support of his fabrication of fact, Goodwin claims that Buckley “quit” for a week, then was later rehired as a, “brand new employee”. Daniel T. Goodwin had forged letters, complete with forged signatures, alleged to have been sent to the employers by Buckley, to “prove” the employers’ fraudulent allegations. Yet, Buckley was in possession of 2 1/2 years of sequential, uninterrupted paycheck stubs. Inexplicably, (now dead) former Colorado Division of Labor Director Michael McArdle flatly refused to order the timecards produced, and threatened Buckley for demanding their production. Former (dead) Colorado Division of Labor Director Michael McArdle’s nefarious connection to the corrupt Weld County officials implicated in this conspiracy has just, at the time of this writing, been discovered.

Former DOL Director Michael McArdle deeply involved in Weld County Corruption.

Former DOL Director Michael McArdle deeply involved in Weld County Corruption.

It was later divulged, in sworn testimony before the Weld County Court, that Daniel T. Goodwin DESTROYED Buckley’s time cards, on the authorization of (then) Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck, while the matter was still at-issue.

But, There was Still The Court Case, And The Court Has Jurisdiction Over wages And Penalties, Right?

According to the LAW: yes. According to public statements issued by the Colorado Division of Labor in 2012: yes. According to the Colorado House Representative, Jonathan Singer, who wrote the law: yes.  According to Colorado Court of Appeals common law precedent: yes. According to staggeringly corrupt Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Francis Hartmann: NO.

Daniel T. Goodwin, in criminal conspiracy with his clients, Dream Stone, Inc., Ron Murphy, Scott Murphy, and Ida Murphy then decided they would swear simultaneously before both the Weld County District Court, and the Colorado Division of Labor, that NEITHER had jurisdiction over Buckley’s accrued wage claim, interest, and penalties, because the matter was before the OTHER! Any reasonable intelligent, non-corrupt individual reading this article is presumed to realize that we are now up to TWO counts of Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant, notwithstanding the destruction of evidence, Forgery, and Perjury, in addition to the multiple violations of the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct.


CRIME EVIDENCE PACKAGE: https://www.weldcountycorruption.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/dol-court-fraud-package_Redacted.pdf


Caught In Crime! Daniel T. Goodwin Bribes Weld County Chief Judge James Francis

Weld County Chief Judge James Hartmann BRIBED by Daniel T. Goodwin, according to Weld County sources.

Weld County Chief Judge James Hartmann BRIBED by Daniel T. Goodwin, according to Weld County sources.


Based on an unsubstantiated and fraudulent allegation by Daniel T. Goodwin, on June 17, 2010, “Judge” James F. Hartmann stripped Buckley of all evidence, and the Due Process Right guaranteed by C.R.S. 8-4-110(2), to prosecute his wage claim before the Court, claiming that Buckley’s wage claim was before the Colorado Division of Labor, and therefore, the Court had no jurisdiction over the case mere hours before Buckley had been illegally commanded (without “good cause” appearing on the record of the Court) to appear and produce by Subpoena Duces Tecum.

Daniel T. Goodwin refused to comply with the mandatory provision under C.R.Civ.P. Rule 16, to “meet & confer” about the nature of claims and defenses in the case.

Daniel T. Goodwin falsified an affidavit of attorneys’ fees, and forged a support document, then committed First Degree Felony Perjury before the Weld County District Court to conceal his criminal act.

Buckley rightfully challenged the jurisdiction of the Court to enter rulings which failed to comply with either Statutory authority, or Court Rules of procedure. James Hartmann illegally ignored Buckley’s challenge to jurisdiction, and summarily dismissed the case, when Buckley simply refused to comply with the so-called “orders of James Hartmann’s “sham” Court.

An unnamed Weld County source would later reveal that Daniel T. Goodwin, on behalf of his clients, had bribed Judge James Hartmann. While the source would not disclose the exact amount of the bribe, it was described as, “substantial”.

Degenerate Attorney’s Antics Too Much For Even  Convicted Cocaine Dealer/Law Partner Cynthia Ciancio. Daniel T. Goodwin Removed As Name Partner Of Donelson, Ciancio, & Goodwin, P.C.

Cynthia Ciancio: Former law partner of Daniel T. Goodwin, and convicted Felon/Cocaine dealer.

Cynthia Ciancio: Former law partner of Daniel T. Goodwin, and convicted Felon/Cocaine dealer conceals crime by Daniel T. Goodwin.

Shortly after Dream Stone, Inc. Vice President Ron Murphy confessed to Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant in sworn testimony before the Weld County Court, equity partner Daniel T. Goodwin was removed from the masthead of his law firm, which would henceforth be known as Donelson, Ciancio, & Grant, P.C. Yet failing to comply with their sworn obligations under C.R.P.C. Rule 8.3 , NONE of the equity partners  reported Goodwin’s criminal acts to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. Despite formal, evidenced complaints by Buckley to the law partners; their’s became acts of complicity and concealment.

Shortly thereafter, the law firm of Donelson, Ciancio, & Grant, P.C. had disbanded, and the former equity partners have engaged in years of restructuring.

A Career In Collapse! Removed As a Name Partner of Donelson, Ciancio, & Goodwin, P.C. in 2012, Run Out Of Longmont in 2014, Run Out Of Boulder In 2018, Daniel T. Goodwin Opens Offices In Nederland (“Ned”) Colorado!

The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin

The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin: Now with offices at 80 Big Springs Dr in fabulous Nederland, CO! Ned, man. Like, wow!

So what of Daniel T. Goodwin’s earnest and noble sounding pontifications found on his new website HERE? Goodwin’s bio speaks of, “justice”, “doing what’s right” and, “serving his community”. The evidence on the record of (and concealed by) the Weld County District Court, The Boulder County District Court, the Colorado Division of Labor, the Colorado Dept. of Labor & Employment, and known to be in the possession of law enforcement authorities including the Colorado Attorney General, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office, the Weld County District Attorney’s Office,  the Department of Justice, and others, proves otherwise. BoulderCountyCorruption, and our affiliate sites provide, in excruciating detail, all the suffering that corrupt, disreputable, known felon Daniel T. Goodwin has illegally caused. Mr. Goodwin, rightfully, deserves to be disbarred, and imprisoned. Kudos to the website designers, though. Excellent job.

Daniel T. Goodwin - Known Felon

Daniel T. Goodwin – Known Felon.

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