20th Judicial District Judge Nancy W. Salomone Forces Private Voir Dire For ‘Enemy Of The Court’.

Nancy W. Salomone Boulder County District Court 20th Judicial District Judge
Nancy W. Salomone 20th Judicial District Judge Subjects 'Enemy of the Court' to Private Voir Dire.
Judge Nancy W. Salomone Boulder County District Court.

Judge Nancy W. Salomone: 20th Judicial District/Boulder County District Court.

Compelled by Summons to appear for Jury Duty on November 13, 2018, Longmont, CO homeowner and perceived ‘Enemy of the Court’, Craig Buckley, is subjected to private interrogation by 20th Judicial District Judge Nancy W. Salomone.

Boulder, CO – Craig Buckley, the Longmont, CO homeowner who has been under attack for nearly a decade for revealing Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Francis Hartmann’s involvement in THIS CRIME, was ‘greeted” by an armed Boulder County Sheriff’s officer when he appeared for Jury Duty at 8:14 AM at the Boulder County Justice Center at 6th & Canyon in Boulder Colorado.    This is the followup article to THIS article published November 12, 2018.

Craig Buckley, whom has long been considered by government officials to be an, “Enemy of the Court” for publicly accusing corrupt government officials of crime, was immediately escorted to Division 2, Courtroom “Q” approximately one hour before approximately 60 other prospective jurors in the civil case were brought in. What resulted was an in-depth, personal interrogation by Boulder County District Court Judge Nancy W. Salamone, and attorneys for the civil litigants in Boulder County Combined Courts Case #2017CV30551.

The interrogation: 

At issue was the Court’s awareness, and presumably the Colorado Attorney General’s, the F.B.I.’s, and the Boulder and Weld County District Attorneys’ Offices’ in-depth tracking and analysis of three websites initiated by Craig Buckley: bouldercountycorruption.com, weldcountycorruption.com, and hartmannconspiracy.com, and whether there would be bias against the civil litigants as a result of Buckley’s previous negative experience with law enforcement.  “While Boulder County authorities were afforded every reasonable opportunity to quash the summons, they decided to drag me through Hell again,” stated Buckley. “This was about nothing more than power, control, and intimidation. “At least now I’ve implicated yet another Judge in concealment of crime,” Buckley concluded.

About the case: Craig Buckley posted the following to Facebook on November 13, 2018 at 3:34 PM: 

Really happy I wasn’t selected for Jury Duty. Had I answered dishonestly at my “private” voir dire, I could have been out of there in 20 minutes. Glad I stuck around: more fodder for bouldercountycorruption articles. I was pretty aggravated after listening to the litigants’ counsel during the other prospective jurors’ voir dire. Turns out this civil matter, Case #2017CV30551, was about a woman, Michelle Ricci,  and her bong-hit kid, Jesse Burns, who had rented half a duplex from Four Star Realty (Lambros Gianos) and there was some sort of black mold issue. Four Star, and Gianos were co-defendants in addition to Metrex Property Group, Inc., which I had never heard of. I ended up equally resentful of all of them by the end of voir dire.

The Defendants had 5 obviously high-powered attorneys, so that’s close to $20,000.00 per day in billable hours. Multiply that by 7 days for the trial: $140,000.00. Apparently the Plaintiff, who was a shabbily dressed and ill groomed petite woman in her early 40’s, was seeking a massive amount of damages, I guess on behalf of her son, who looked stupid, but otherwise just fine. They wobbled into Court with two obvious contingency based, ill prepared attorneys in cheap suits: one old man, and one kid. I guess this woman thought this black mold case was going to be her payday: a big payday. For this to be worth Gianos taking this to trial, rather than just throwing the mom and her kid a bone and telling them to go on their way, I’m guessing they were going for seven figures. For that money, your kid had best be in a Hefty bag, or at least a scootie chair wearing a helmet, with all limbs detached. Frivolous bullshit. The prospective Jurors’ dislike for the Plaintiffs’ attorney was palpable. At one point he insulted a firefighter, asking if he was management, or just one of the, “peons”. I was aghast. The jurors were visibly disgusted. He pulled this shit, without even realizing his arrogance, on a few others, too. Guaranteed the Plaintiff’s attorneys are going to be CRUSHED. Ricci should have settled for a realistic $25,000.00 and moved on.

Boulder County Combined Courts Case #2017CV30551

Boulder County Combined Courts Case #2017CV30551

The problem with my involvement in this case is that both my father and grandfather were Chicago cops. Maybe it’s genetic, but I can read people instantly: both parties were slimeballs. This wasn’t about “justice” or “making someone whole”. This was about a slumlord vs. an opportunist. I didn’t care to have my intelligence insulted by listening to either.

About the Judge – Nancy W. Salomone:

20th Judicial District Judge Nancy W. Salomone was appointed to the District Court bench in October 2017. She previously practiced as a partner in the Boulder law firm Malkinson Salomone, and as a solo practitioner and owner of the Law Office of Nancy W. Salomone. Her law practice focused primarily on criminal defense, including as a contract attorney on behalf of the indigent accused through the Colorado Office of Alternate Defense Counsel. Prior to entering private practice, Judge Salomone served as a deputy public defender in the Denver trial office. Judge Salomone earned her a undergraduate degree from the University of California at Los Angeles, and her law degree from the University of Michigan Law School. Credit: Colorado Judicial Dept.

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