Judge David Archuleta Boulder County Court – Vote “NO” On Retention November 6, 2018. Here’s Why.

20th Judicial District Colorado - Boulder County Court Judge David Archuleta rules repeated death threats against, "Enemy of the Court" are legal.
Boulder County Court Judge David Archuleta rules repeated death threats against, "Enemy of the Court" are legal.

Boulder County Voters – Vote “NO” On Retention of Judge David Archuleta – November 6, 2018.

Commentary:  When you are deemed, “an Enemy of the Court,”  life changes immeasurably… and forever. Colorado authorities,  humiliated and enraged over Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley’s acquittal on falsified DUI charges, a subsequent successful Federal Court lawsuit, and the firing of two Colorado State Patrol Troopers, made sure this was the end of a normal existence for Buckley,  as he would soon come to realize. Years of government harassment, continuing through 2018, would ensue.

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Following Failed DUI Prosecution before Boulder County Court Judge David Archuleta,  and Resultant Federal Court Lawsuit, Boulder County Court & Prosecutors Show Extent of Rage and Malice Toward Longmont Resident, Craig D. Buckley.

Boulder, CO -Twentieth Judicial District, Boulder County Court Judge David Archuleta is purported to be an exceptional Judge. Complying with Judicial Canon and the law,  this Boulder County Court Judge reportedly treats all parties with fairness, respect, and dignity, so you may be wondering how he landed on hartmannconspiracy.com.

Boulder County Court Judge David Archuleta’s involvement in the years-long campaign of harassment, attack and retaliation against Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley may be purely peripheral. The malice and rage directed at  Buckley over the course of years is proven to be a retaliatory campaign initiated by the Colorado Attorney General, and Boulder County District Attorney’s Office.

Craig Buckley, on an evening outing with his girlfriend, was riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle Eastbound on Hwy. 66 when he was stopped by Colorado State Patrol Trooper Bradley Keadle,  for supposedly having an alleged “illegal” blue-dot taillight. It was 11:00 PM, and the only two businesses open in the direction from which Buckley was traveling were bars. Trooper Keadle was on a fishing expedition.

On initial contact, Buckley, whom had been traveling at 56 mph according to Court records, asked the Trooper, “Sir, I have reason to believe this is an illegal stop. Can you please provide articulable reasonable suspicion for pulling me over?” “Keadle went insane,” Buckley recalls.

Craig Buckley, originally a Chicago native and a fan of blues music, had taken his girlfriend to Oskar Blues to see Lil Ed & the Blues Imperials and was returning home. Buckley informed Trooper Keadle that under Colorado statute, the blue-dot taillight was not illegal. Sidenote: the Colorado Legislature has since rewritten the laws pertaining to blue-dot taillights, and “custom” vehicles because of Buckley’s stop.

Keadle, knowing that Buckley was right regarding the taillight law, and having failed to provide reasonable suspicion for the stop, per the Fourth Amendmant to the Constitution screamed at Buckley, “Fine, asshole! You were speeding, too!”

This was going to be a long night.

Bikers, "'bout low as any nigger" according th the Colorado State Patrol.

Bikers, “All a bunch of scumbags”, and  “…’bout low as any nigger” according the the Colorado State Patrol.

Buckley was falsely charged with DUI, handcuffed, and  beaten by Trooper Keadle as his Sergeant, Jerry Copley cheered him on. Trooper Keadle told Buckley he was, “bout low as any nigger”, and screamed, “you don’t have any rights, boy”. Sergeant Jerry Copley of the Colorado State Patrol emphatically stated, “You bikers are all a bunch of scumbags”.

Buckley went to trial before a jury in Boulder County Court on the DUI, speeding, and blue-dot taillight charges, and was acquitted on all counts. David Archuleta was the presiding Judge.  “The Boulder County DA was absolutely humiliated and enraged,” recounts Buckley. “Judge David Archuleta has a predisposition for flushing when he is angry. Not much of a poker player, I would imagine.  You could clearly tell he was enraged by the verdict, too.” Judge David Archuleta, years earlier, is known to have referred to motorcycle enthusiasts as, “dirtbags”.

A Federal lawsuit was filed. Trooper Bradley Lawrence Keadle was removed from the Colorado State Patrol, and Sergeant Jerry Copley retired in disgrace. The Colorado Attorney General’s Office was enraged and humiliated.

Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley settled the Federal Court lawsuit for $25,000.00 in November, 2008. In 2009 the government attacks against Buckley began: first with a denial of Due Process Rights before the Colorado Division of Labor, in which the Colorado Attorney General’s Office was directly involved. Next came direct years-long attacks by the Weld County, and Boulder County Judicial system.

Buckley’s civil attorney, Paul Grant, told him at the time, “You’d better pack your shit and get out of Colorado, because they’re going to be coming after you”.

A mere 2 months after Craig Buckley’s acquittal, he was once again riding his motorcycle with his girlfriend: they stopped briefly at the Eagle Grill for a drink. Buckley recounts,” Evidently, some asshole, or comedian, or whatever, decided to tell some motorcycle club member that I wanted to take his patch. Somehow, he got my phone number, and I immediately started receiving death threats.”

Allan Nolan, whom on the transcript of Buckley’s phone messages, claimed to have affiliations with the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club, had made numerous death threats over the course of  multiple phone messages on the night of August 15, 2006. Nolan was arrested by Longmont PD, charged with Harassment, and  Judge David Archuleta released Nolan on $1000.00 bond the next day. “I didn’t even know this guy,” Buckley exclaimed.

Excerpted are the  following threats  made against Craig Buckley on the evening of August 15, 2006.

According to the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office:

“I’m gonna kill you, motherfucker.”

Not harassment.

“You’re going down. I’m not stopping till you’re done, motherfucker.”

Not harassment.

“You wanna make a name for yourself by going in the grave.”

Not harassment.

‘I’m ready to kill you.”

Not harassment.

“I’m gonna get you.”

Not harassment.

“I’m ready to take a knife, and stuff it in your fucking head right now!”

Not harassment.

“I’m gonna kill you now.”

Not harassment.

“I’m gonna fucking kill you.

“Not harassment.

“You are not allowed in my town.

“Not harassment.

“I’m gonna kill you, Craig.

“Not harassment.

“I’m gonna get you tomorrow. If I don’t get you tomorrow, it’ll be the next day or the next day. I’m looking for you every day right now, motherfucker. You’re done.”

Not harassment.

The charges against Allan Nolan were immediately dropped by the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office, and the harassment case summarily dismissed by Boulder County Court Judge David Archuleta. Buckley received no support from Victim Assistance, and the Judge David Archuleta refused to offer an explanation why the Harassment charge, based on serious death threats, was dropped.
Buckley was  falsely convicted several years later, on falsified evidence and perjured testimony by the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office,  of Felony Retaliation Against Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann for an innocuous statement he made in the privacy of his own home during an illegal raid by the Weld County District Court. The statement was, “There will be blood”, and was a reference to a Court Motion Buckley had filed regarding Congressman (then Weld County DA) Ken Buck’s state of mind (out for blood) in retaliation against Buckley for publicly calling him a, “corrupt psychopath” on his websites, weldcountycorruption.com, and (now defunct) corruptkenbuck.com.
It took a ten days, and a concerted effort between Ken Buck, and Boulder County DA Stan Garnett, evaluating Buckley’s socioeconomic status and ability to defend himself, to fabricate ‘Retaliation Against a Judge’ charges against Buckley, illegally raid his home, and falsely arrest him.  Why? Because Craig D. Buckley is an enemy of the Court, and an enemy of the State of Colorado.
You beat us. You sue. You win. We will destroy your life.
The Government
Is Judge David Archuleta complicit in the  years-long attack on Craig Buckley? The evidence says, “Yes”.

Boulder County Voters – Vote “NO” On Retention of Judge David Archuleta – November 6, 2018.

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